Top 3 Best VPN apps for Android (free only)

Are you not able to browse some sites & torrents? Bored of installing a lot of junk VPN apps? Today, we will provide you with the top three best apps for your android phones.

Benefits of using VPN

VPN or a “Virtual Private Network”, it can encrypt your online traffic & protects your identity.

Do you know, your ISP (SIM providers i.e. Airtel, Jio etc.) can see everything you do online; even if you are using incognito mode. Also, they can track your behaviour and sometimes even sell your browsing history over to advertisers.

Here is what VPN can do:

  • Keeps your personal data safe.
  • Keeps your identity truly safe & make you anonymous.
  • Bypass Geo-restrictions (helps in surfing Netflix and YouTube from other countries)
  • It let you surf Torrents websites.

If you want to add one more security layer then install Tor Browser, It is totally legal to use. Read it here: Official Tor for Android

Now, let us see which are the “Top 3 best free VPN apps” for android? Even our team use these VPN apps.

#3. Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a good VPN app. It has all the desirable features. It provides you with the free, unlimited and secure connection.

Touch VPN
Touch VPN

The thing we don’t like about this apps is that it has fewer servers to choose from and most of them are busy sometimes.

But, when it comes to PC’s Google Chrome extension, it is excellent. We use this app in our Chrome.

Download here

#2. Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN
Thunder VPN

This is a slightly new VPN app. It comes with a lot of good things. It includes unlimited bandwidth, no logging or user tracking, and it has servers all over the world. Also, it has no restrictions on usage and time limit. The UI is quite interesting and simple to use.

Download here

#1. Turbo VPN

This is the best free VPN app, we have ever tested and this has no competition nearby.

It has all the features we discussed above. Additionally, it provides the fastest connection over all the VPN apps. It is simplest to use, the UI of the app is very simple with easy navigations.

Turbo VPN
Turbo VPN

The best thing about this app is that you can find almost all of the different countries’ servers that you might need in your practical life, absolutely free!

We love this app and use this a few times a month. This is the most ideal VPN app for most of the people.

Download here

Cons of free VPN apps

Although, these are the top three best VPN apps; they are not totally perfect. They need to show ads to serve you consistently.

All the free apps will provide you with limited services. In free VPN apps, you will not get full access to all the servers around the world, not the cutting edge speed, and no support.

If you are a regular VPN user and concern about your privacy a lot then you should definitely upgrade to the paid VPN service.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
A modern girl obsessed with the technology. Trying to make your daily experience towards tech awesome by providing tips, tricks & news.


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