Shivani Badoni is the “Cute girl Funti” in SAB’s show Bawle Utawale

After watching the melodious promotion music videos from the “Balwale Utawale” TV show; everyone was asking who is the cute girl Funti that is the lead actress of this show.

Today, we are going to introduce you to the Bawle Utawale’s Casts lead actress who is playing the role of Funti.

Who is Funti in Real Life?

Shivani Badoni is the actress who plays the role of Funti in “Bawle Utawale”.

Her introduction to the show was quite amazing. And I can tell you with full confidence that all the viewers would definitely fall in love with her.

Shivani Badoni’s expressions were amazing and the under-bed introduction makes everyone to fall with love with her.

Her smile was amazing and this would definitely make her the new national crush of India.

Our followers were asking for Shivani Badoni’s Instagram handle. So, here is the Instagram link of Shivani Badoni profile.

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