Meet the new Cadbury girl “Khushi Joshi”, Staring in Puncchbeat!

We still have not forgotten the cuteness of Disha Patani featured in Cadbury dairy milk silk advt. and now they come up with Khushi Joshi.

Khushi Joshi, the new Cadbury Girl
Khushi Joshi aka Cadbury Girl

Every year Cadbury comes with some great concepts and some of the greatest and beautiful girls making them national crush. Their creative team surely knows how to play the emotional card.

Khushi Joshi is now staring in a new ALTBalaji web series named as Puncchbeat.

It will be really pleasure to watch this cutie in this upcoming series.

We are really excited to watch Khushi Joshi aka national crush to be a wonderful actress in the coming era.

Hot Khushi Joshi in white transparent cotton bra
Khushi Joshi in hot outfit

Cadbury runs “Cadbury Celebration” ads during Raksha Bandhan. This 43 seconds advt shows a cute relationship between a brother and sister. Here is the advt shared itself by actress “Khush Joshi” captioned “And here it is finally”.

Beautiful Khushi Joshi in blue dress near beach
Beautiful Khushi Joshi

Though the advt is so adorable, we find the girl in it the cutest. The girl who is becoming every boy’s crush is Khushi Joshi. This is her first advertisement and she is nailing it with awesomeness.

Well, we had to say she just stopped every guys’ heartbeat with her skill and great looks. Do you think she will be the next “national crush”? Let’s tell in the comments below.

You might get her Instagram Id from the above pictures. But if someone does not get it, its @khushi_joshi19

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